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Last year, an animated movie about monsters and other scary mythical creatures, was out in cinemas. It is titled, “Hotel Transylvania,” a hotel in Transylvania – which according to Melton, J. – is a historical region in the central part of Romania. And he added that it is associated with vampires.

The story of this animation revolves around a vampire father and daughter relationship. Count Dracula a very dedicated and overprotective father wants his little Mavis on his own. He doesn’t want her to experience what he and his wife who passed away, Martha had experienced from humans before, that’s why he built a place where he knows that not only Mavis can be safe, but every monster in this world will be. He called it Hotel Transylvania. But that place didn’t keep all of them safe from people, especially Mavis. Not only she saw one, but fell in love with it too… It’s like a Twilight love affair, where there is a vampire and a human fell in love with each other.

IMDb rated “Hotel Transylvania” 7 of 10. Many really have liked the way it is made and produced. One review said “One of the best (funniest) animations I’ve seen in years!“ Yet some titled their reviews, “Nothing Special.”, “Good Idea, but not executed very well…”, and other unsatisfactory comments.

This monster-related movie is yet another cutie, comedy film co-produced by Adam Sandler and as expected, he’s also one of the casts – specifically Dracula. Another review from IMDb even titled her review “Fun for everyone,” and said “There is nothing terribly scary for even young viewers.”

It’s the first movie about vampires I saw that made me laugh, cry, blush and relate with some situations in the film. One is the situation of Mavis, the vampire girl, which she can’t go and explore the world since she is still a minor and her dad, thinks she can’t handle herself yet. In this film, monsters are the ones scared of humans, not the other way around.

The trailer gives almost all the hints that you can see in this movie. It is very worth watching! I really love this movie so much, that until now I still watch it a lot of times with my brother or boy friend. It is a family-oriented movie. You will have tons of laughs and a bit of heart-melting feelings. But of course it has pros and cons. Stated by Eric Larnick, one of the pros of this animation is “Adam Sandler is surprisingly enjoyable.” And its con is “Adam Sandler’s reputation Sandler is a love ’em or leave ’em kind of comedian — and after movies like “Jack and Jill” and “That’s My Boy,” the leave ’ems might have the majority. The idea of listening to him talk with a half-rate Transylvanian accent for 90 minutes is enough to scare a lot of people away.”

Anyway, it’s still up to you if you’re going to watch it or not, for it is a very nice movie by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation. You might be zing-ed with this movie!

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