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– What is the video all about? –

The music video “How to Love” by Lil Wayne is about making the right choices and paths to take in life. It was then a video obviously about what happened to a daughter that was unfortunately misled and not well-taken care of. It was first shown, after her mom’s scenarios that she had her life in the most miserable way, where she was involved with vices that also lead her in selling herself as a pleasure for the men. And at the end of the wrong way, was a dead end that she had to face: she got HIV. But after the negativities that were shown, was the other way around. There, the mother chose a different path for her and her daughter’s life. The daughter grew up well, graduated, and got pregnant with the right person and right time.

The video showed the consequences one must face when making a decision, yet despite the rights and wrongs there is he who appreciates and looks at the girl’s brightest part.

– What’s with this song? –

This inspiring song by Lil Wayne is one of my all-time-favourites. First, I was shocked when the rapper sang a love song like this, then when I saw its music video; I was more inspired about the twist of story. We all know that it’s not his “thing” in singing such song like this. Even the video wasn’t what I expected.

“A lot of women don’t know how to love because there’s deep reasons for them not knowing how to love,” he explained. “And what I mean by deep reasons is deep and dark reasons. A lot of people don’t open up that can and I figured that I can open up that can of worms and see what happens.”[1]

To be honest, I was thinking about a woman’s love life that was cheated on, but the video had a deeper meaning of knowing how to love. I am really surprised to see something like this from Lil Wayne, it proved me that he’s someone who’s at his highest peak of his life yet he still shares his ‘advises’ or ‘possible consultations’ that might comfort and relieve others that can relate or not.

As a girl, I really love how Lil Wayne appreciated everything about us (girls). It was reflected on the lyrics, that even there are blemishes or scars from the past he still sees that girl as the best and as a beautiful one. It made me realize that even rappers like him has a very humble heart for things like this. Looks are indeed deceiving – you will never know who are the-who’s.

Since the song received generally positive reviews from critics, complimenting the low tone and mellow meaning in the lyrics. I would definitely recommend this video to everyone to inspire them, and make them learn from this song/music video – like I did.

Amanda Hensel of PopCrush commended the “new side” displayed by Lil Wayne in the song, stating “we haven’t heard Young Weezy like this before, but if [it] is a result of his new lady friend, we welcome it with open arms. Not that we want the rap master to go all singer-songwriter on us, but this gem shows that even the hardest of exteriors can have a gooey center.”[2]




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